How much free time do you have?

Since I graduated college a couple of years ago, I can’t really remember a time where I’ve been ‘bored’ for an extended period, or felt like I needed more to do. If anything, since I left college I’ve felt strapped for time, weeks blurring into months without accomplishing much outside of working and taking care of myself; this is a bit off-putting, as I don’t have kids (or pets), I have a good deal of energy, and I try to be smart about my time.

Looking to quantify where the 168 hours in each week go, I created a small calculator. Basically, this is designed to identify how many hours of free time one has in a given week, based on the selected inputs. Additionally, since time allocation drastically changes post-retirement, this calculator asks you to pick a retirement age and will calculate your free time until retirement.

Free time calculator–calculate your free hours per week, and until retirement [or death if those are synonymous!]

Note that this is free time for a typical week, so excludes both vacation days and one-off ‘busy items’ (like taxes, car/house maintenance, etc), but should give a good approximation of free time available.

For my particular case (defaults in calculator), I have about 28/168 hours free in a given week, or 17% of my week. Additionally, I’ll have the equivalent of ~6/37 free years from now until my lofty retirement plug of 60 years old.  This is actually a bit more free time than I was expecting, but I speculate I’m either underestimating something, or I waste a decent amount of time on the front/back-end of various activities, as there’s a transition time into some of them.

Inputs are all adjustable (and should work on mobile with some scrolling), so free to use the calculator to determine your own amount of free time available!