Which companies offer the best maternity leave benefits?

Maternity leave benefits are a relatively new thing in the United States, first being introduced in a few states in the 60s and 70s as women employment #’s spiked. Eventually, national legislation was introduced in 1993, mandating a minimum of 12 weeks unpaid time off for new mothers. This potential benefit comes with a few caveats (of course), most notably that the firm size must be >=50 employees and the potential beneficiary must have worked over 1250 hours in 12 consecutive months (~24 hr work week). About 25 states have expanded upon this national legislation, but this is for all intensive purposes the current state of the government’s policy on maternity leave benefits.

Lately, companies operating in the private sector have taken it upon themselves to go above and beyond the mandated guidelines, and offer some exceptional benefits for working mothers.

The below table shows a ranked list of the top ~100 companies in descending order offering paid maternity leave. The data was scraped using python from the (interestingly named) website fairygodboss.com, which has been making rounds on the internet for its searchable database of paid/unpaid maternity leave time by company, using user-submitted data.

What industry offers the best maternity leave benefits?

As you can see in the below chart, Philanthropic companies in our above list lead the average paid time off.

It’s worth mentioning that Philanthropy had an n-count of just 3 in our sample set of 100. Conversely, Technology companies and Law Firms dominated the top 100 list in terms of frequency, with n-counts of 43 and 40, respectively; this isn’t particularly surprising as both industries are comprised of companies competing against each other for a limited supply of talent, looking to recruit and retain this subset of the workforce.