Analyzing Shark Tank deals

The below charts show 6 seasons’ worth of Shark Tank data.

As shown, ‘Food and Beverage’ had the highest # of closed deals through 6 seasons, while ‘Business Services’ had both the lowest total # of closed deals and the lowest % of pitches resulting in closed deals.


‘Media/Entertainment’ produced the highest valuation compared to other categories, while the 7 closed deals for ‘Pet Product’s produced an average valuation of just $305,102. Looking back at the above chart for the n-counts, most of the categories on either high/low end had a pretty low # of closed deals/sample size, so keep that in mind when plotting your next venture.


Perhaps not surprising, Cuban both closed the most deals, and invested the most $ per closed deal when compared to other sharks.



Here is the data source, I collected it from a Quora answer written by Halle Tecco, covering seasons 1-6.