The best and worst airlines in the world (and the best and worst times to fly!)

The below charts were built from 60,000+ reviews scraped from  I used a threshold of >150 reviews for each metric to remove some of the lesser-reviewed airlines.

20 worst airlines

Bottom 20 Airlines (overall) (1)


20 best airlines

Top 20 Airlines (overall) (2)


The worst month to fly in terms of airline satisfaction is July

Airline ratings by month (overall)


Cabin staff rating is most closely correlated to a high overall rating, while in-flight entertainment is least likely to impact an airlines overall score


Overall rating mapped across different measures


Business class passengers gave their cabin staff the highest ratings, while premium economy came in lowest

Overall rating by cabin type

Below is a complete list of the full-service airlines included in this analysis, along with their average overall rating. Keep in mind that some of these had a very small (<150) sample size, and were stripped from the above metrics.

Overall ratings by airline - complete reference



(Soul plane)