The Price is Right statistics

The below table shows the win % for seasons 29-42 of the price is right by game type. as shown, 2-prize games in season 31 offered the best chances of winning.

Price is Right wins by season by game type

As shown, from seasons 29-42 2-prize games offered the best odds of winning, with cash games rounding out the worst chances.

Price is Right wins by game type

The following chart ranks the average win % across all games by season. As shown, season 30 offers the best chances with a nearly 50% chance of winning any game, while season 39 comes in lowest at ~35%.

Price is Right wins by season

Lastly, here are the specific game titles associated with each category mentioned:

Price is Right: Game Categories
 Cash Games: Grand Game, 1/2 Off, It’s in the Bag, Pay the Rent, Plinko, Punch a Bunch
Small Prize Games: Bonus Game, Cliff Hangers, Five Price Tags, 1/2 Off, Joker, Master Key, On the Spot, Pathfinder, Plinko, Punch a Bunch, Rat Race, Secret “X”, Shell Game, Spelling Bee, Switcheroo
Grocery Product Games: Bullseye, Grand Game, Grocery Game, Hi Lo, Hit Me, Hole in One, It’s in the Bag, Let ’em Roll, Now….or Then, Pass the Buck, Pay the Rent, Penny Ante, Pick-a-Pair, Stack the Deck, Time is Money
1 Prize Games: Balance Game, Bonkers, Check Game, Coming or Going, Double Prices, Flip Flop, Freeze Frame, Pick-a-Number, Push Over, Range Game, Side by Side, Squeeze Play
2 Prize Games: Bargain Game, Clock Game, Do the Math, Double Cross, Magic #, Make Your Move, 1 Right Price, Safe Crackers, Switch?, 2 for the Price of 1
3 Prize Games: Barker’s Marker$, Buy or Sell, Clearance Sale, Eazy az 1 2 3, Most Expen$ive, One Wrong Price
4-5 Prize Games: Credit Card, Danger Price, Poker Game, Race Game, Shopping Spree, Step Up, Swap Meet, Take Two

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